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The furry first official CLAW Sister Club!

I, Kitten K Boodles, have founded the Ferocious Fe-Lions. The gracious Queen Midnight; Queen Of CLAW, has given her approval of this Group! Even if you are a mild-mannered Kitty, you can join the Ferocious Fe-Lions because we all know there may be primal urges deep down inside to revert back to our ancestors' wild ways! I personally believe this is why we Go Crazy sometimes, running around haphazardly crashing into walls, furniture and even other stationary objects. We just need more room!

Puurr*haps Long Ago, our ancestors proclaimed "All Felines will have fangs that they will use to attack and hunt for food to provide for the Younglings. All felines shall have sharpened claws to defend the Younglings. This shall be for the good of the Pride."

It was that way for many many years. Eventually, though, we evolved into the smaller compact Kitties we are today. We started to live with Humans who loved us and took care of us. At some point in the time line, Humans became Busy. They decided they didn't have enough time for even thier own Younglings! They started to exchange green paper with other Humans to take care of their young ones. Sadly, we started to be overlooked. Yes, even D*gs were left by themselves. We started to try to make the humans notice us! We did what comes naturally to us, sharpen our claws, and destroy their furniture!

Some Humans took it upon themselves to *spit* de-claw us, trying to make things better for themselves. I have to admit, though, some of us Fe-Lions have a Devil May Care Cat*ti*tude about it, and keep destoying things even though we know better. And some of us have Brain Damage like my cousin Sebastian who just does it for the fun of it.

Oh well, either way, I have formed this Pride of Fe-Lions who promise to help the unfortunates and who will keep up the Code:

Official FeLion Code
Display a Ferocious Cat*ti*tude at least once a day.
Destroy (or pretend to *see below) a piece of furniture in your dwelling once a day.
Support another Fe-Lion who is without claws.
Run Willy Nilly through the dwelling knocking over a favorite knick-knack of your Mom's.
Yowl horribly at the sight of unwanted visitors in your territory.
And - attack viciously with no concern for your own safety; a humans foot while they are sleeping.

Walking Cat

If you would like, Email me with your name and URL,
and I will add you to the Member List. Scribbled Line

*Pretending to destroy furniture or floor coverings is easy. Just make it look good, and make sure your claws don't fully retract, just enought to make the noises. Try to wiggle your butt and make contented sounds. This will make the Human crazy.

Please choose your card!

Ferocious Fe-Lion's Card  ferfel2

Add your card to your page, and please provide a link back to this page. Thank you!

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Ferocious FeLions Support Group
Membership List

The Member List was getting so big, I had to break it up into three pages to make it easier to load. For now, I have divided it up into A-M and N-Z, and Families. Families include large groups of Kitties who signed up together. Thank mew very much for joining! I am very proud to have such a large Support Group. :)
Members A - M - Members N - Z - Families
As of May, 2000, the FeLions have over 400 members!! Meow!!
Stay cool!

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*I will consider adding a picture of Kitties who join the Fe-Lion club to the Fe-Lion page only if you do not have your own web page. Kitty Boodles reserves the right to edit picture size or to refuse a picture if space does not permit. Thank you

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Claw is a great Kitty Club you will want to look into. We have parties, support groups, great plays like Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, and we also have a very large CLAW University! Please come prowl around the visitors center and I'm sure you will want to join. I hope to see you there!

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Welcome to the Lioness Den

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Feb 1 2004